Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a GPS-enabled mobile device the best technology for Electronic Visit Verification devices?

Smartphones are easy to use devices that capture and wirelessly communicate GPS location information necessary to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act. GPS-enabled mobile devices enable Providers and Payers the ability to consistently collect visit data so that claims can be paid.

How does LINK differ from cellular providers’ options?

LINK is an inexpensive option offered at a lease model designed for electronic visit verification. As an EVV verification device equipped with a mobile device manager (MDM) and Android Enterprise, LINK enables States, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), EVV vendors, and providers to easily manage their devices securely.

Why LINK over the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) method?

BYOD has been the default option to implement Electronic Visit Verification with a mobile device simply because the industry has lacked a single-use, inexpensive device. With that in mind, we created LINK as an inexpensive option that’s more secure than BYOD, while also keeping with providers’ best interests at mind - no tracking and no risk of personal data overages. Plus, with the Mobile Device Manager (MDM) and Android Enterprise, you can keep track of all of your devices securely.

How is LINK deployed to my Medicaid members or providers of care?

We have partnered with Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services (IMCLS), a full-service provider that manufactures, provisions, and ships all LINK devices. IMCLS has the ability to ship in bulk to a central location or directly to a consumer’s home. All LINK devices come provisioned with relevant EVV vendor and health plan applications at the request of the State, MCOs, or vendor/provider partnerships.

Do you provide EVV Software or an EVV App?

No. We exclusively offer a cost-effective, enterprise Electronic Visit Verification device. We do not compete in the EVV industry, but rather partner with EVV vendors, States, Providers and MCOs to facilitate their EVV implementation. We offer an open model to facilitate collaboration between all payers, providers and vendors.

We’ve already implemented devices into the marketplace. Can we redeploy with LINK?

Yes. The future re-procurement of dedicated devices is inevitable, and Link is designed to make that transition as easy as possible for EVV vendors, States, Providers, and MCOs. Link is ubiquitous with all EVV vendors making it easier for you to make updates later on.

We need to implement our EVV program as soon as possible. Will deploying LINK accelerate the process?

Yes, LINK facilitates a quicker EVV implementation by partnering with vendors, states, and providers. By keeping providers’ best interests in mind, LINK prevents a disproportionate burden getting placed on the provider, which has historically stalled the process.

How do I place an order?

We're taking orders now! Email us at to place an order. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Does the LINK device have a camera?

LINK is manufactured with a camera for the sole purpose of provisioning the device and in the event that the device will later be used for Telehealth. The camera will be disabled for deployment unless advised otherwise by the deploying agent.

What is the LINK Marketplace?

The LINK Marketplace is a private managed play store of electronic visit verification and other related health care applications installed on all LINK Devices. LINK smartphone users will have access to all applications in the marketplace - and those apps only. The LINK Marketplace is helping Payers, Providers and EVV Software Vendors collaborate across the country for more efficient EVV implementation. Check out this page of our website to learn more and submit your electronic visit verification mobile application to the marketplace.

How can I add my mobile application to the LINK Marketplace?

Click here and submit your mobile application in the online form to be included in the LINK Marketplace

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