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Building the Complete EVV Mobile Solution

LINK is the first enterprise smartphone that meets the full scope of requirements of an EVV mobility solution. After years of listening and conducting conversations with State Medicaid departments, EVV Providers, Payers, and Vendors, the creators of LINK built an enterprise solution with the following key features and benefits:

Current, enterprise smartphones:

The LINK device is deployed with the latest Android OS and Android Enterprise. EVV smartphones must be up to date to run current EVV mobile applications and receive new software updates and security patches. LINK is deployed on a lease model so users receive a new device every 12 months, ensuring LINK users have the latest Android OS.

Cost-Effective Cellular Plan:

Price and affordability are non-negotiables for the EVV industry. Our partners at T-Mobile have packaged two data plans specifically for EVV Providers and Recipients.

  1. Unlimited talk, text, and data. This plan gives Providers the freedom to verify visits in a range of approved locations, while also connecting over voice or text with their Medicaid recipients and/or colleagues. In the event that telephony or IVR are required as part of a State EVV’s program (such as in Ohio), this plan enables Providers to comply with all visit verification methods.

  2. 200 mb/month (data only). This secondary low-cost data-only plan is available for Providers who plan to use data for EVV mobile apps only and do not need talk or text.

Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that enables premier security

LINK’s security is powered by IBM MaaS360, a leading MDM that enables Providers to manage all of their devices securely. Plus, in the event a device is lost or stolen, account managers and lock and wipe the device. Did we mention that the MDM is included in the monthly price?

Access to leading EVV Mobile Applications

LINK Marketplace enables providers to easily access and download EVV apps to start verifying visits immediately. New EVV applications can be added to LINK Marketplace over the air instantaneously. The LINK Marketplace also allows Providers and Payers to seamlessly transition between EVV software vendors as necessary.

LINK is an all-encompassing mobile solution that enables Providers to securely and swiftly maintain EVV compliance. The LINK store is open for orders. Questions about LINK? Email us at

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