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Ingram Micro Commerce and Lifecycle Services Equipped to Meet EVV Industry Needs

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

By: Steve Kreiger, Senior Director, IMCLS

Ingram Micro Commerce and Lifecycle Services is a full-service provider of end-to-end logistics services. Our expertise in the mobile device industry comes from 30 years of providing omni-channel fulfillment of mobile devices for leading carriers, OEMs, and retailers.

When the U.S. instituted the need for electronic visit verification (EVV) for Medicaid, we knew there was an opportunity to provide our knowledge of mobile devices and operations to support this critical need at the state and health system level. Ingram Micro has end-to-end control of the manufacturing, provisioning, and shipping of LINK. This means that devices are designed directly with the factory to align with enterprise-specific requirements, including custom loaded application packages.

The Device

We’ve worked with our production partners to build a device that is ready-to-use upon receipt. The device is customized to the individual prior to shipment and can be used out-of-the-box, meaning no applications need to be loaded. Additionally, LINK comes manufactured with the latest version of Android Enterprise and IBM MaaS360, allowing the Mobile Device Manager (MDM) to continue to operate correctly. By using IBM’s MaaS360 system, we’ll preload company, vendor, and partner applications specific to the state of operation. With upcoming changes from Google, older and non-enterprise devices will begin to deprecate the MDM features.

Unlike a BYOD program, LINK devices exclude any typical consumer-facing features, making LINK the most cost-effective, secure, and compliant device option. Without these features, you can ensure a very low rate of data consumption, reducing monthly costs, as well as removing privacy concerns from the provider and care recipient.

The Logistics

From a logistics perspective, all the applications and configuring of the device will be completed by our team prior to shipment. We will support all fulfillment of and supply chain processes for the EVV devices. Our physical warehousing network along with our systemic infrastructure supports the deployment of device orders to the largest of enterprises. We will also provide after sale customer support services through our call center in Plainfield, Indiana and through our dedicated account management teams. We are also set up to provide direct-to-consumer shipping for even quicker deployments. The devices can be delivered in bulk or as individual end-user shipment.

Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services is excited to bring mobile device and fulfillment expertise to the EVV solution marketplace.

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