Pay only $12.99 per month per device

(including Mobile Device Manager)

plus select among the following EVV data plans

Monthly Data Plans

50 mb


100 mb


500 mb


Plus activation and shipping; may be subject to applicable taxes

Voice Plans Available Upon Request


1. Promotional pricing available for pre-orders are subject to credit approval. Pricing is subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes. Data plan packages start at $11.95 for 50mb of monthly data use for each LINK device. Monthly data charges are provided for reference; actual usage will dictate monthly data charges. Additional data plans are available including options here and by speaking with a Highlands Mobile representative. One data plan is required for each LINK device. One time Kitting, Shipping & Provisioning fee will be billed per scope of work for each LINK order. Highlands Mobile LLC reserves the right to change the this price at any time.

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