It's the industry's solution to successful Electronic Visit Verification device deployment

When LINK is deployed, security and compliance requirements are instantly met while concerns of tracking are virtually eliminated. Give your organization the advantage of speed to implementation and deployment with LINK. 

A pricing model that

pays you back

LINK's data plans are cost-effective and packaged in lower data increments specifically for Electronic Visit Verification application use.  

We've designed a pricing model that expedites implementation so the industry gets paid faster.

Only $12.99/month

(Including Mobile Device Manager)

per LINK Device plus your choice

of the following EVV data plans

Monthly Data Plans

50 mb


100 mb


500 mb




Need assistance in implementing your EVV program? Ready to demo LINK and see all that it can offer? Contact us today!

More Benefits

Deploy a low-cost 6" phone or 8" tablet with NO consumer-facing features 

Purchase or lease options available

Pre-installed MDM provides remote ability to wipe the device, which is not possible with BYOD

Data is procured from several carriers for optimal coverage and deployed based on user's zip code

Device only utilizes location-based services when it is performing an EVV task

Easy log-in via password manager for all EVV apps

LINK is designed to help you implement Electronic Visit Verification faster while maintaining a more cost-effective, secure and compliant process. 


Delivered by the trusted cellular providers of the 

Lifeline Assistance Program

LINK is compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act & HIPAA. As a single-use device, LINK replaces a caregiver's personal phone for Electronic Visit Verification visits, eliminating concerns of tracking and personal data overages.


1. Promotional pricing available for pre-orders subject to credit approval. Pricing is subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes. Data plan packages start at $11.95 for 50mb of monthly data use for each LINK device. Monthly data charges are provided for reference; actual usage will dictate monthly data charges. Additional data plans are available via our e-commerce store and by speaking with a Highlands Mobile representative. One data plan is required for each LINK device. One time Kitting, Shipping & Provisioning fee will be billed per scope of work for each LINK order. Highlands Mobile LLC reserves the right to change the this price at any time.

2. The LINK device and cellular data plans are designed for use of EVV mobile applications only. Cellular data plans are designed for app usage, and do not include text or voice.


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